The Adaptive Knee from Endolite is the first microprocessor controlled knee that combines the power and stability of hydraulics with the natural comfort of pneumatics.


Microprocessor control for K3-K4 active amputees with a moderate to high level of voluntary muscle control. The Smart Adaptive knee addresses mobility in the context of everyday life. It adapts simply to the most complex terrain. The sensors within the system analyze speed, slopes, stairs and other parameters. Adapting to give security, and enhance the amputee’s lifestyle. New Smart programming mode reduces programming time which allows the knee to begin learning the amputee’s gait nuances.


  • Microprocessor hybrid control – hydraulic stance, pneumatic swing
  • Gives support for stairs and slopes
  • 140° knee flexion Smart Programming
  • Stumble and support mode
  • Smart Card for program storage
  • Logs activity to monitor progress
  • Stanceflex for comfort and smooth progression through gait cycle
  • Amputee may use any foot of their choice
  • Concealed battery pack
  • On-board batteries last up to 14 days on a single charge*