With a lighter, stronger and more rugged design, the Soleus Tactical can overcome barriers whether on the front line or the home front. Specifically engineered for extra agility and durability for the heroes among us.


The foot was inspired by Dale Beatty, Military Veteran, bilateral amputee and co-founder ofPurple Heart Homes. His organization is committed to leaving no Veteran behind and provides personalized housing solutions for disabled veterans and their families.

A truly redesigned and improved foot, the structure of the Soleus foot was optimized for strength-to-weight ratio based on extensive machine and real world testing. As a result, College Park was able to remove unnecessary weight while retaining superior strength. Coring out the aluminum housing and redesigning the front and back brought about additional removal and redistribution of mass. A new heel spring design created higher cyclic durability and a new mid spring design brought higher ultimate strength. All this combined with a new belt attachment system for higher tensile strength created a foot 40% stronger and 40g (10%) lighter.


  • Vertical Shock Absorption - Impact transfers to a residual limb can be abrupt. The superior vertical shock absorption technology of the Soleus helps dissipate these forces, providing improved comfort and control.

  • High Performance - The finest example of Integrated Spring Technology delivers a foot with unparalleled performance. Yet the Soleus doesn’t compromise daily activities, so you can go from a walk to a run without missing a single step.

  • Proportional Response - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Linking multiple composite springs with a flexible plantar ligament and then engaging each at different stages of gait provides ultra-smooth transitions and high frequency response.

  • Integrated Spring Technology (iST) - The art of using multiple springs in parallel or in a series to produce a proportional loading response. ​We precisely engineer our springs with different dynamics to load and unload at the right time, producing seamless transitions.